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RSpro Hospital Information System


RSpro  Hospital Information System is a comprehensive solutions based on the latest web technology that automates  operational, administrative, inventory and financial and billing system integrated with BPJS and INA CBG'S system and comply with the latest health ministry regulation.

Our Advantages:
  • Pharmaceutical inventory report using Perpetual method - The perpetual method is a system which any incoming and outgoing inventories are recorded on the books. In the perpetual method, the purchase and sale / release of pharmaceutical preparations are recorded directly in the inventory account at the time of the transaction
  • Online Registration via mobile app and web
  • Bridging with BPJS and INA CBG'S - BPJS claims become faster, more efficient, does not require personnel to issue Surat Elegibilitas Peserta (SEP).
  • Improved operational and cost effectiveness
  • Improving Quality of patience care


Contact RSpro: 0811 810 8002 / 0815 6965 354