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Dibuka pendaftaran Kelas baru training Software Quality Control

  • Peserta dibatasi 20 orang
  • Kelas intensif selama 3 pekan
  • Tidak dipungut biaya selama training
  • Disedikan uang saku selama training
  • Penempatan kerja bagi yang lulus kualifikasi
  • Segera daftarkan dengan meng klik link dibawah dan memasukkan Kode Lamaran SQC-Training

Pendaftaran ditutup tanggal 28 Februari 2018 atau jika kuota telah terpenuhi, segera daftarkan diri anda.

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PT. Trengginas Daya Insani (Trengginas) is an Information Technology Services company, our business focused on IT Professional Services,  IT Infrastructure and IBM AS/400 system.

In our IT Professionals services, We provide IT professionals with high quality and specific skill-sets to helps clients improve their performance, reduce time to learn and adopt best practices faster.

Trengginas also offer IBM AS/400 Solutions we call it Trengginas /400™ , a services offer flexible options and customized solutions to meet your exact service level requirements. the services consisting of IBM AS/400 maintenance, rental, upgrade and spare part.